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Making Moves

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I originally entitled this post, "Procrastination" but I have decided to rename it, "Making Moves." I have been meaning to start a website, a brand, a business for a while. I'm talking years here. I had visions of integrating my love of art and nature with environmental education as I fulfilled my role as a stay-at-home mother. I kept feeling like I needed more. I needed to do more, I needed to learn more, I need to play more, I needed to grow more food. But the more I did, the more tired I became. So I stopped everything. I took a break and took some deep breaths. I took my children out of school, before the pandemic, and we slowed everything down. We learned about things that interested us. We focused on things that we loved. We went outside almost every day for hours. The pandemic hit and besides missing some friends, our lives were not changed that drastically. I started to make plans. I started participating in more online webinars for conferences that I know I may not have been able to attend during normal circumstances. 2020 was different things to different people but for me it was a wakeup call. What is most important in my life? What do I want to do? What is my purpose and what can I do with that?

Yesterday, instead of thinking about one day doing a thing I've been contemplating for years, I sat down and just did it. I didn't make lists, I didn't schedule it for down time next month. I sat down and did it. 2021 is a new year for new beginnings. Every day is a new day. So, here it is. I've been talking about starting a school for years and it seems like children and families just end up at our house. We have a neighbor call because daycare doesn't start for three weeks and work starts today. We have friends with babies and they drop them off at 6am on their way to work at the hospital. We have friends who are artists and need to get some printing done and come by to play in our wild and free play setting. We create art from natural materials, we build forts out of logs, we tell stories, we make puppets, we laugh and play, we grow food and make food.

Why did I think I needed to create something that had already created itself? Why was I waiting for some arbitrary title or day or event to realize that what needed to be done was already occurring? The people, the places, the events just gravitated towards us. We just did it. It was here all along. The Finding Place. The connections between self-self, self-nature, self-others. It was here along. And now there is a small village to go along with it.

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Lindsey Kleinberg
Lindsey Kleinberg
15 mars 2021

#4Dliving #mindbodyspiritheart #nature #love #Placestogo #thefindingplaceLV

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