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Reggio-inspired learning

A Reggio-Emilio Approach for teaching and learning looks different in every situation.

We use art, nature, and life to direct our daily schedule.  We incorporate multi-generational and mixed group learning settings to grow and develop our love for the environment around us. 

The Finding Place focuses on light, color, natural materials, and loose parts that inspire
multi-directional usage and designs. We concentrate on mixed-media art practices that can be applied to everyday experiences. 


Our Classroom

Our curriculum is based on state standards as well as the interests of the children. Visual guides are provided as well as related books, pictures, contextual items and materials, and a wide-array of mixed media art supplies. 


Our Kitchen

We grow what we can and try to offer as many foods from the Emmaus Farmers' Market as possible. Healthy minds are home in a healthy body. Holistic learning includes full wellness which starts with locally grown foods. 

Everything that can be composted goes into our counter-top bin and is emptied into one of our composting settings outdoors.

Organic Compost

Lots of delicious organic, regenerative produce create a great start for organic compost. Returning organic material back into the soil will allow more food to grow. Making our own soil from food scraps, paper shreds, yard clippings, and organic based textiles teaches children that all of our choices can lead to positive change and cut down on the waste that is sent to landfills. 

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