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About Us

The Finding Place is a learning environment where we learn inside and outside about nature, art, the local setting, and ourselves. We use natural materials to make connections: Self-self, self to others, self to nature.  We learn by doing and trying, getting our hands dirty, and making mistakes. While outside we work in our various gardens, compost, make mud pies, and most importantly, play. While inside we use natural materials to learn about math, writing, reading, science, and art. 


 Our Program

Learning contextually is so important.  We retain information and methods that we feel are interesting. Learning by doing is the best way for children to make strong, long-lasting connections.  

We need to spend more time outside. We pledge to spend 1000 hours outdoors based on the initiative by the group 1000 Hours Outside.  

We work with our hands, cook, prepare meals, garden, compost, and play. We work with loose parts, wood, and textiles throughout the day while learning useful crafting techniques and inspiring healthy lifestyles. 


Mission Statement

Our mission is to

• Provide an authentic learning environment with natural materials, outdoor exploration, and a blend of emergent curriculum with guided provocations

• Strengthen higher order and critical thinking as well as problem solving skills 

• Build upon a child's natural sense of wonder 

• Inspire creativity and imagination

• Apply risk management with skill benefit 

• Create a culture for learning that focuses on both team work and individual growth 

• Broaden community outreach and participation 

• Foster self-efficacy and autonomy, empathy, and a love and understanding of the natural world

White Grass
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