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Natural Playscapes and Gardens

Our outdoor setting is an integration of quiet, private space, a contained fire pit, a water feature with wildlife, a mud kitchen, hiding spaces, climbing spaces, wandering paths, various gardens with child appropriate tools, sitting space, dramatic play area, and a ordering stand and restaurant. There is a small clubhouse with a climbing wall and slide that we would like to eventually
expand to include an observation deck and a rope bridge. 

There are loose natural parts, pots and pans, tweezers, tin buckets, trays, gardening tools, and large stumps for sitting, balance, dragging or building. Large rocks and trees spread across the landscape offering a place to sit, think, climb, or jump. Exploration and investigation is encouraged daily. 

Growing goods

Along with herbs, root vegetables, and leafy greens, we have pollinator gardens, flower gardens, native medicinal gardens, and sensory gardens. 

We have many kinds of trees and shrubs that offer textures and different shaped leaves. 

We currently have at least 6 varieties of mints, basils, and lavender growing in various plots.


Our Wildlife

Eventually we hope to have chickens. For now we just feed the local birds, hang bird houses and feeders, and will be posting some bug hotels in the spring.


We currently have a pond with a fountain, various plant-life, fish, frogs, and snails.


Organic Compost

We have a few different types of composting collection areas in our outdoor learning space.  We collect and save yard clippings, branches, and leaves. We have three different piles utilizing various methods of decomposition. Our Garden Tower encompasses a composting tube that also collects and creates compost tea which is used in our gardens. It also has a vermicompost tube. We recently acquired a Joracompost receptacle and are excited to use it.

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