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Do you have some ideas about gardening or creating composting systems with children? Would you like to help us build onto our tree house or do you have logs to contribute to our gnome seats or mud kitchen? We are always looking for friends to help us set up our space. Do you need some assistance setting up your space? Do you have a question or topic you'd like me to explore on the blog? 

instagram: thefindingplaceLV


Become a Sponsor

Do you have something to contribute to intersectional environmental education? Do you know about a grant opportunity that meets our needs? Do you have old gardening equipment or mud kitchen supplies? 

Contact me and we can chat. Thanks for caring. 


Do you have a talent or someway to share your gifts with children? We would love any time that you can give if you love to garden, know some tricks of the trade for growing food year round, or if you'd like to help us set up a green house in the spring. Any abilities with building, growing, and tending to gardens is welcome. If you are looking for volunteers we also love to participate in outreach. 



Are you new to homeschooling or trying to get your children outside more? Are you struggling with setting up a natural play space or garden? I've been working in different capacities in environmental and outdoor education for over ten years. Reach out with questions,
use The Finding Place questions as
your subject line.  

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If you have any questions about our program

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instagram: ThefindingplaceLV

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