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Every leaf has a story. Every time a tree holds onto its leaves, it is unable to grow. I've felt the seasons change, I've lost my leaves, I've seen them blow in the wind. And every time I let them go, I grow, I learn. New leaves appear; ones that shimmer in the sunlight. New branches appear. New growth. Deeper roots. 

Each year, I add knowledge, experience, techniques, and learning methods to my tree. My branches stretch out, my roots stretch deep, my bark grows thicker, and I am more aware of what I still need to learn and how to use what I have learned to be the best tree that I can be. 



Temple University


Drexel University


University of Maryland ERAFANS




University of Oklahoma


Rodale Institute


Oregon State University

School Garden Coach Training and Certification program

School of Continuing Education/ Certificate Program

Courses/webinars offered through Early Childhood Investigations in conjunction with CEUs

In-person and online workshops, seminars, webinars, 

Garden Store Environmental Book Club 

Teaching Certification in NB/Outdoor ECE —Level I 

in conjunction with ERAFANS 

Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools

36 hour training, North Carolina, July 13-17

Tinkergarten Leader and Facilitator

Emmaus / Allentown classes (ages 18 mos-8 years) 

Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring seasons

Completed 14 hours of training, seasonal reviews

M.Ed. with dual-certifications in Pennsylvania

Special Education (N-12) and Elementary Education 

Teaching certifications also earned in Art Ed (k-12), Environmental Ed (K-12), and Middle School Science

BS in Graphic Design 

concentrations in Printmaking and Psychology 

Senior Thesis: Normalizing the presence of FairTrade goods —tea, coffee, and chocolate— in urban higher education institutions, businesses, and conferences

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