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The Finding Place

Reggio-inspired Nature Community Garden Consulting and Design 

There is something for everyone young and old

Our Goals

We want to bring authentic childhood back to children by playing outside, running wild with our imaginations, and creating safe and inviting outdoor/indoor nature-play spaces. 


We want you, as families or individuals, to grow your own food and flowers in order to bring beauty back into your yard and surround your home with natural life. 


Nature studies

All living things

Nature is all around us. We study nature indoors and outdoors. We incorporate play and art into our studies as much as possible. 

Grow your own

About sustainable gardening

We are planting and maintaining several different kinds of gardens. Edible herb, veggie, and fruit gardens, pollinator gardens, flower gardens, and native medicinals. 

Eat and repeat

Healthier food and soil

After we plant, grow, cultivate, and pick our plants, we eat them. Then we compost everything we can including food scraps,  leaves, junk mail, paper board, and old organic textiles. 

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